What is HumiClear’s Humidity Control System?

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HumiClear’s unique Humidity Control System has the ability to affect the three most important things inside a commercial cooler: TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY & GASEOUS ATMOSPHERE

The mineral in our Humidity Control System filter, is the only mineral able to absorb and desorb. WE HAVE AN UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF THE MINERAL! With Humiclear, you will experience no shrinkage, spoilage or trimloss. Humiclear extends shelf life & reduces maintenance costs.

HumiClear’s unique filter will keep your commercial cooler colder and cleaner through its ability to absorb up to 60% of its own weight in moisture. It will also absorb and trap odors and kill off bacteria in the circulating air. Laboratory Tests have proven that HumiClear Humidity Control Systems kill off more than 80% of all airborne bacteria in the refrigerator.

HumiClear’s filters will not only regulate but control the humidity level inside the commercial cooler by its constant ability to automatically absorb excess moisture in the air and then release that moisture back into the fridge when the air is getting too dry. This allows the commercial cooler to maintain the “ideal humidity” for the perfect storage of perishable goods. The mineral used inside the HumiClear Humidity Control System is the only known natural mineral that can do this.

Ethylene Gas and pectin gases are continually released from vegetables and fruits stored in the cooler causing them to ripen too fast or to spoil. By absorbing these gases and excess humidity inside the commercial cooler, the life of the stored fruit and vegetables can be extended from 50-100% depending on the type of produce.

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Benefits of a Humidity Control System

View our Humiclear Presentation (PDF) 

Using HumiClear’s Humidity Control System keeps commercial coolers and food areas free from harmful humidity and ethylene gasses while helping refrigeration compressors run more easily.

Save $$$ with HumiClear’s Humidity Control System! Here’s why:

  • Natural mineral, Sorbite, absorbs and desorbs moisture and gases
  • Decreases refrigerator energy use
    (click here for detailed savings example)
  • Increases life of refrigerator compressor motors
  • Lowers temperature of refrigerator environments
  • Reduces defrost cycles up to 50%
  • Absorbs humidity
  • Extends shelf life of produce, meat, fish and poultry
  • Eliminates odors
  • Reduces food shrinkage
  • Reduces spread of bacteria
  • Prevents cross-contamination

The HumiClear Humidity Control Systems will keep your commercial cooler cleaner, fresher, with practically zero airborne bacteria to worry about. All natural gases such as ethylene and pectin, acetic acids from marinates and sauces will be absorbed and eliminated.

When spoilage bacteria, combines with ethylene gas and high humidity it drastically reduces the fresh food life cycle. Throwing out food is not only wasting huge amounts of energy but also huge amounts of money in lost profits.

Try HumiClear Humidity Control Systems at absolutely no cost to you. If our HumiClear filters don’t save you 4/5 times your investment in energy savings, food wastage, reduced maintenance and time saved daily we’ll take them out and refund your investment.

The most outstanding benefit of HumiClear’s Humidity Control Systems is it does all of the above and more at “NO COST – TO OUR CUSTOMERS, “WE GUARANTEE IT”! The monthly investment in our HumiClear Humidity Control Systems is totally covered by the savings made from the very first month.

So let us prove it to you, see what our existing customers are saying

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