The HumiClear Story

home unit photo larry panel pic Reach in Panel.jpg1Humitech of Las Vegas, LLC was formed in 2001 and introduced the humidity control systems to Nevada. Over the next several years the company grew dramatically because of the proven results. It was accepted in all of the major casinos, restaurants, floral shops and bakeries to control the excess humidity in their refrigeration environments. In 2012 the company was sold to a third party with a multi-year payout of the purchase price agreed to.  The new owner stopped paying the seller after a few months and the matter went into litigation. Eventually the court appointed a receiver to operate the business while the legal matters were being litigated. During this period the clients were not always serviced properly and, with the recession affecting virtually all businesses, a number of accounts were lost.

On December 24, 2013, Richard Cole and Lisa Kubena formed HumiClear, LLC which purchased the assets of Humitech of Las Vegas, LLC. This acquisition included an unlimited supply of the mineral, as well as all of the panels and the existing clients of Humitech.  HumiClear moved to a modern warehouse office facility on South Valley View Blvd, close to its larger clients on the strip while still being convenient to the major freeways. Lisa Kubena had worked with Humitech over a number of years and therefore enjoys multiple years of experience in the humidity control and restaurant fields.

warehouse photoHumiClear’s warehouse is climate controlled and has washing facilities to clean the panels using non-toxic, biodegradable, GREEN; cleaning solutions commonly used in the restaurant and hospitality industries.  Also the mineral is treated in a temperature controlled environment to bring it back to its natural state. All clients are encouraged to visit the facility to give them comfort that they are dealing with a reputable organization.

Truck Photo 2The secret to the HumiClear product is the mineral contained in each panel that is placed in the client’s coolers which is the natural mineral, Sorbite. This mineral has the ability to absorb/desorb up to 48% of its weight in moisture. For more details on this mineral see the attached.

HumiClear can assure its clients, including future clients, that HumiClear has an unlimited supply of this 100% natural mineral to meet its growth expectations.